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Will the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 campaign mode be available?

Its the time when Activision announce its new game which most probably will be Modern Warfare 4, yet, people are still angry asthe Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 created a disruption in the first person gaming market when it launched the edition with a dedicated multiplayer mode without the tried and tested Campaign mode. According to interviews with the Activision marketing division, this was a matter of debate between the developers initially. “Treyarch” studio co-head Dan Bunting revealed that a campaign mode was never planned for BO4 and that they wanted to try something different. Something that will make the game more playable with friends across the board, contradicting reports that the its mode was scrapped in the middle of development because there was not enough time to complete it.

screenshot from modern warfare 3 campaign
A screenshot from COD Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Modern Warfare 4 campaign will be available?

Since we are ahead a new Call of Duty game, confirmed to be developed by Infinity ward. They had previously produced Modern Warfare and Ghosts sequels. Gamers who hated the absence of single player can fell more comfortable now, as the next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 campaign will be available.

There will be a story this time and an incredibly powerful campaign mode. A game, developed without the backdrop of a storyline could have dented the reputation of the brand, leading to the loss of fans. In contrast, the lack of story mode would lead to reduced development cost and development time, enabling the developers to divert their resources towards new ideas. This was evident in the current edition of the game as it comes with all new maps, characters, a battle royal format ‘Blackout’ mode, and a dedicated multiplayer mode with the special addition of Zombies, similar to the Call of Duty: Worlds War 2.

Promising news about the upcoming single player

Although the current edition was able to get a strong foothold with respect to the sales figures, it had to face the brunt of angry fans who are addicted to the single mode and the gripping storyline. Fortunately, COD: Modern Warfare 4 campaign can be even more interesting than its previous campaigns in the previous series, which are unique to the Call of Duty success. Moreover, more new weapons from the future will be available at this part as was leaked. With due respect to these sentiments, we may predict that the next edition may have a dedicated campaign mode along with the multiplayer combat mode to give the players an amalgamated feel of both the worlds

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