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How exactly will Modern Warfare 4 improve on the master class that is “MW3”. As we eagerly await the arrival of Activision’s fourth instalment in the Modern Warfare series, let’s revisit what made number three in the canon so acclaimed. Not only did “MW3” act as a worthy iteration to the series, but it surpassed its predecessors in the process.

Modern Warfare 4

Mainly, this was due to the addictive multi-player and cinematic set pieces. Add to that a slew of content and a host of new game modes. The result of which is one of the best FPS games of all time.

That’s high praise indeed, and the pressure to deliver has never been so prevalent. With that in mind, let’s hark back at past glory’s, to highlight some of the things we can expect from the upcoming entry.

First up, let’s address the story. So then, “MW3” executed a highly engaging, cinematic experience. Despite lacking emotional depth at times, it provided a gamut of exhilarating set-pieces and pulse-racing firefights synonymous with the series. From Naval pursuits to rooftop rampages the action never subsides, while the heart-rate never drops a beat. More than enough to send blood coursing through the veins. If that happens to be the motivating factor? 

All in all, the campaign was a high-octane, action-packed roller coaster thrill-ride with an extra shot of premium adrenaline to boot. That said, we can’t wait to see what’s in store when Modern Warfare 4 hits our screens. Hopefully, we can anticipate more of the same — chaos and carnage in equal measure.

Next up, we have the multiplayer. Having been a COD fanboy since its origins, I can honestly say that “MW3” has the best multiplayer of the bunch to date. At least as an overall package. What’s more, an additional sixteen maps manage to keep the game fresh and further enhances its shelf life by some considerable margin. Judging by the number of maps, and the quality therein, inevitably, it’s safe to assume that the next game will deliver the goods. So long as they stick to the winning formula.

Thanks to a continuous levelling arc and refined in-game systems, “MW3” rewards speed and precision in the field. Equally, the slick UI and easily navigable interface allow you to focus on the task at hand. Quite honestly, it will be an impressive feat, if Modern Warfare 4 can streamline these mechanics to a higher degree of excellence. Only time will tell.

One thing that shines out for me is the Elite menu option. For all you statisticians out there the Elite mode will bring pure cerebral elation. Within, players can view everything from kill-death ratios to performance rates like accuracy. All of which help you to monitor progression, unlike any game to date. It would be great if the next entry could emulate this model. Perhaps even adding further categories to evaluate progress.

Modern Warfare 4

Lastly, we have the game modes. Hands down, the area I am most excited to explore in Modern Warfare 4, without a doubt. Not least so, when you consider the depth of modes on offer. Whether that’s the kill-confirmed, fully-customizable private matches or its survival mode that throws waves of enemies at you, all of which scale up in difficulty. There is a seemingly infinite array of tasks to do.

As we peek into the distant future at what lurks tantalizingly on the horizon, one thing is abundantly clear. Modern Warfare 4 is destined to set the FPS benchmark once again.

So then, that’s what we can expect from Modern Warfare 4? Is the sequel set to surpass your expectations? Or will it fall short of its predecessor’s streamlined supremacy? Have your say in the comments.

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