Modern Warfare 4

Is Modern Warfare 4 is going to be remastered of Modern Warfare?

It is too early to comment on this, as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 is still under production. All we hear is from the rumors and suggestive leaks. But, as true with the gaming world we know actually who bring these leaks or fuel the rumors out there. Yes, most of the time it is the publisher of the game itself. Hence, we have some solid reasons to believe those rumors. Among the pile of rumors that are making rounds on the internet, one of the rumors suggests that Modern Warfare 4 is the remaster of Modern Warfare 2. While the publisher has neither confirmed these rumors nor declined them, hence there all probabilities that this is going to be a remastered version.

Modern Warfare 4

Isn’t Modern Warfare 4 a one-step backward?

It might not be, let us tell you why. The last installments of Modern Warfare 4 didn’t do good business in the gaming market, and the sales volume quoted by Activision were quite low. This was nothing short of a disappointment for the publishers as well as the developers of the game. The futuristic, as well as sci-fi based themes, simply didn’t work for Activision. Thus, they have taken a step back and decided to fall back on their most successful venture of Modern Warfare series. Undoubtedly, Modern Warfare was successful and was well received by gamers. Still, it is quite famous, even though there were a couple of releases of Modern Warfare after that. So, we can say even though it’s a one step backward, but it is equivalent to one big step forward.

So, is it going to be the same as Modern Warfare 2?

No, absolutely not. It’s a remastered version, not the same version, and there is a difference between them. We expect certain additions to the game, which is going to make more interesting and exciting. However, we should not expect a new campaign in Modern Warfare 4. It is going to be the same as in Modern Warfare 2. Yes, this has been already confirmed through some leaks from credible sources. And, we feel this is a bit of let down for the fans of COD. However, to spice the things up there are some notable editions. It is going to have Battle Royale mode and we will also see specialists in MW4. Battle Royal mode has been extremely popular amongst the gamers when it was released in the Black Ops series. On the other hand, specialists are unique characters with unique abilities and are extremely instrumental in multiplayer mode. We can say that Modern Warfare shifts more towards the multiplayer mode, with these additions.

No Russian Mission

Their won’t in any “No Russian Mission” in MW4, as it was there in MW2. “No Russian” attracted a lot of criticism and was subject to multiple controversies. Hence, Activision has finally decided to scrap it in the latest release.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4

Is Modern Warfare 4 going to have Battle Royal ?

There has been lot of rumours on COD’s next instalment. These rumours simply fail to die down. Thanks to the Call of Duty fandom. They just keep on scrubbing the internet for each and every piece of information, that is associated with the Call of Duty next MW4. Fans can hardly control their excitement, since the time it has appeared that Modern Warfare is going to be COD’s next. Especially online forums are talking a lot about this. They are talking about probable weapons, probable perks, game settings and many more. You might have already heard a lot about them.

Rumors are ripe about Battle Royale

There is a new leak that has come out. This suggests definitely something about Battle Royale in Call of Duty MW4. Before you get too much excited about this rumour, let us tell you that this rumour has come out from nowhere, and we have not been able to authenticate as well. But you know that the rumours that come from nowhere are fuelled by the developers themselves, to keep alive the buzz. So, we do expect that even it’s a rumour, there is every chance that might be turn out true. So, here we are. Battle Royal is going to be in Modern Warfare 4. Battle Royal game mode has been the key feature of COD, and developers as well as publishers simply don’t want to leave it out. For example, there was a battle royal mode named blackout in Black Ops 4. Since, the release of Black Ops 4, blackout has been extremely popular amongst the gamers. Blackout has been popular mode for online play, that has been gradually transitioned into the military shooter. So, going by this popularity we can say that Infinity Ward will make every effort to include Battle Royal mode in MW4.

Will there be a campaign story in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4?

From the leak, we have learnt that MW4 is not going to have any new campaign story. Well, this already kills some part of excitement, as we were not expecting that. Instead what we hear is, Call of Duty MW4 will be remaster of Modern Warfare 2, and there is a possibility that Modern Warfare 3 remaster may also come up later. With no new campaign in Call of Duty MW4, we need to see how it is received by the fans of COD. Initially, the online forums were quite sure that COD’s next will have a newer campaign. There is a reason behind this. The last two releases used futuristic themes or the sci-fi sequences really failed to attract the gamers. Hence, this time Activision wants to fall back on the tried and tested lines. Infinity Wards want to go back to its roots, which made Modern Warfare a big hit amongst the gamers. The leak also confirms that there no Russian mission in Modern Warfare 4.Still in production, Modern Warfare holds lot of excitement for the gamers even though it wont have a new campaign.

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