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Win Free Modern Warfare 4

Win a free Modern Warfare copy once it released.

The Contest: 
We are starting our contests for winning free “Modern Warfare 4″ copies.
The game is simple and any member can participate in it!

The winner of the game will get a free copy of “Modern Warfare 4″ for Xbox or PlayStation or pc according to his platform, or any other call of duty game depending on what he wants.

The contest will depend on collecting entries, and there will be a drawing at the end of the contest.

Every person can have more than a single entry.

– What is the entries?
It is a way to show us that you are active in our website, facebook and twitter , the more active you are the more entries you will get and the more entries you get the better chances you will have for winning the mw4 copy.

– How can i gain an entry?
You will have to be as much active as you can in our website. and Everyday we will add a status for ways to show how to gain entries.

– I am from “ANYWHERE”, How can i receive my own copy in case i won this contest?
we will send it to your door without spending a cent.

– Prize

The winners of the contest will get a free copy of black ops 2 for Xbox or PlayStation or PC according to his platform.
Each contest will be closed when a certain amount of members join it, we are not going to tell you how many to make it unexpected and make people post in a normal way without a stress and tell your friends to join before it is over.

How it will works?

1- Register at our website.

2- post any news about the game. ( Each Post will gain you one entry )

3- the contest will end at the release date of the game.

the more exclusive news you post the more entries you win.

  • First of all if you are not registered you have to click Register here.
  • Post in this post comment to claim your nomination
  • The more you post the more chance you win.
  • The winner of each contest will be announced in the main contest Page.
  • Members and moderators can participate in the contest

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